Full River Adventure — Ocoee River

The awesome Full River Ocoee Adventure is an experience everyone must try! We have secured 54 days of recreational water releases, so you can enjoy Tennessee’s Upper Ocoee all summer long. The Full River Ocoee Whitewater Adventure includes both the exciting Upper Ocoee River and the fantastic Classic Middle Ocoee trip separated by a gourmet lunch served by our famous catering department. This gives you a 6-hour all day rafting adventure. This trip is suitable for all experience levels and perfect for those looking for a full day adventure!

Many people ask, “I’ve run the Ocoee several years ago and had a great time but what is the Upper Ocoee River really like?” This is the section that is above the Classic Middle Section and where the Olympic Canoe and Kayak Slalom events were held in July of 1996. The beginning of the Upper Ocoee is characterized as a wilderness section with spectacular scenery and gentile whitewater. Then after the first short mile the river begins its drop towards the awesome class IV rapids of the Ocoee Olympic Course. After several challenging class III and IV rapids we enter the world famous Ocoee Olympic Course. With almost a mile of whitewater the Ocoee Olympic Course is like one giant class IV rapid, with all the key ingredients; vertical drops, huge waves, challenging maneuvering and repeat! Simply put “AWESOME”! But it’s not over yet. we still have several more great rapids and a last second “hidden” drop just to keep you guessing.

All Full River Adventures include a gourmet lunch served by our fantastic catering department. Then after eating your fill on the banks of the Ocoee River, we jump back in and plunge through the rapids of the Classic Middle section. Just remember you’ll need to wait 30 minutes before taking a swim!

Adventures Unlimited offers the Full River Ocoee Adventure on weekends throughout the season and we provide all the equipment needed, transportation to and from the river and one of our highly trained guides to make sure that your trip is memorable. All you need to provide is a sense of adventure, a healthy appetite and a change of clothes.

Photographs of your rafting trip, t-shirt and cool drinks will be available at our outfitters store immediately following your trip.

Cool Weather Rafting Attire: Windbreaker, fleece, cotton synthetics, wool sweater or wetsuit, wool hat, neoprene booties or wool socks and tennis shoes. We also offer spraywear to our guests at no additional charge, but you should be prepared and bring the clothing listed above. Wetsuits are available for rental.

Everyone should bring a complete change of clothes and a dry pair of shoes for after the trip. Our changing rooms are fully equipped and even include hot showers.

Warm Weather Rafting Attire: Swim suit, t-shirt, shorts, tennis shoes or river sandals and sunscreen.

Water Classification: III and IV

Time On Water: 4.5 hours
Total Trip Time: 6 hours
Minimum Age Requirement: 12 years old
Waivers Required:
These are required for every participant and anyone under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian.
Guided: Yes


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