Classic Middle Ocoee Adventure

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Ocoee River Rafting is our specialty.

Summer Fun? Make your plans now to join Adventures Unlimited on a Classic Middle Ocoee Adventure.

“Are we gonna do THAT?” It’s the same question out of everyone who comes face to face with The Classic Middle Ocoee River Adventure for the first time. Seasoned whitewater rafters just sit back with a grin on their face as the bus continues on to the put-in below the dam at Ocoee No. 2 on Highway 64. These folks already understand the thrill of whitewater.

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The WHOLE BOAT is yours!

Enjoy the excitement of the Ocoee whitewater this summer with your own private charter. You and up to five members of your crew along with one of our experienced guides will brave the rapids in style.

So pile a boatload of your friends and family (up to six in a boat) or adventure it on your own, it doesn’t matter.

The boat price is $225 + fees for the Classic Middle Boat Load of Fun and the Full River Boat Load of Fun is $550 + fees.

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(800) 662-0667
(423) 338-4325

522 Highway 64
Ocoee, TN, TN 37361

Hours 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM


Classic Middle Ocoee Adventure

Full Ocoee River Adventure

Boatload of Fun! Package

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