Preparing For Your Ocoee Rafting Trip

6 Tips to Get You Prepared for your Ocoee Rafting Getaway

Welcome to white water rafting fun on the famous Ocoee River in Tennessee! The Ocoee River is a fantastic gem hidden inside the southern Appalachian Mountains and home to some of the best whitewater on this side of the Mason-Dixon line. With Class III and IV rapids over two different stretches of waterways, the Ocoee River, year after year, is one of the most popular whitewater rafting rivers in America. The Ocoee is a dam-controlled river that guarantees excellent water levels all season with crashing waves, exciting rapids, and fantastic scenery. So, join your friends and family for a memorable trip on the Ocoee River. You don’t want to get left behind. Read on to learn how to get prepared to tackle the Ocoee River!

Have you signed your online waiver?

Please take a peek at your email because we sent you a link right after you booked your trip. This link will take you directly to our online waiver. PLEASE share this link with your friends and family who are joining in on the rafting trip. If you cannot locate that email, give us a shout or email us.

Rafting check-in is 30 minutes prior to your trip.

If your trip is scheduled for 10:00 AM, please plan on arriving at 9:30 AM. This gives you a few minutes to check in, change clothes (if needed), apply sunscreen, laugh with your friends, and be ready for roll call.

Which time zone are you coming from?

Adventures Unlimited operates on EASTERN TIME. If you are traveling from a different time zone, please make that adjustment to your travel plans. We don’t want you to miss your whitewater adventure!

What to Wear While Rafting

Playing in the great outdoors is a rain or shine activity, so please dress appropriately.

Hot & Sunny Weather

  • If you prefer to wear a traditional bathing suit for warm-weather rafting, take it from the pros; you will want to wear something over that bathing suit to protect you from raft chafing, sand, and powerful rapids that have been known to move all kinds of apparel around!
  • Cotton tops or bottoms are not ideal for river rafting in warm or cool weather, as they stay waterlogged and often get heavy (like dungaree shorts) for the entire trip. We suggest wearing clothing that is a synthetic type of material – these are lightweight even when wet and dry super fast. This is less of an issue in warm weather, but it’s still not nearly as comfortable as a quick dry top or bottom! Still not sure what to wear? Arrive early and check out many water sports apparel options at our Ocoee Store!
  • Many of our guides wear long sleeves while on the water during the summer. Why? To protect themselves from long hours in the sun. No matter what you decide to wear, don’t forget the SUNSCREEN. Knees, shoulders, and faces are a must!
  • Feel free to bring a hat. If the cap fits under your helmet, you can wear it!

Cool, Overcast, Rainy Weather

  • In cooler weather, cotton materials are definitely not suitable for river rafting because they will retain moisture. You WILL get wet no matter what the weather is calling for.
  • We recommend wearing synthetic blend materials like polyester or wool. These materials wick away moisture and help hold in heat.
  • Breathable rain gear works well, too – If you don’t have any, don’t worry. We have splash gear that is free to borrow for your trip.
  • A wetsuit may also be necessary on cold early spring or late fall mornings. We have you covered on that too! Wetsuit rentals are available on-site.


  • Do you have an old pair of tennis shoes you use for yard work? Bring those and give them an Ocoee Bath!
  • The good old-fashioned water shoe/aqua sock works great! They can be found in our Ocoee Store and are inexpensive.
  • Sandals that attach to your foot are great for rafting. 
  • Please leave your flip-flops in your car for after the trip. They are not safe for swift water activities.
  • Shoes must be worn on the river.

What not to wear rafting

  • Do not wear denim as it becomes very restrictive and bulky when wet.
  • Do not wear eyeglasses or sunglasses without a proper retaining strap. The Ocoee River is hungry for your eyewear; they will end up on the bottom without the strap. We carry Chums (straps) in our Ocoee Store.
  • Leave the jewelry (watches, necklaces, rings, etc.) in the car or at home. You are on vacation; who needs a watch? You are on River Time! 🙂

Where to store your gear

  • Secure all your belongings and your change of clothes in your vehicle.
  • Do you need to stash your keys? We are happy to keep your car keys safe in our office while you play on the river.

Explore Our Glamping Resort

Our 30-acre glamping resort is home to six bungalow cabins, a large group cabin, and a full-service campground with tent and RV sites! Relax in our comfy accommodations; you can’t find better lodging in the Ocoee Region! To make our resort even better, we off food, drink, and great company at The Bus Bar & Grill, located next to our resort, where music is live every Saturday evening. 

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